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can bearded dragons eat rice ?


can bearded dragons eat rice (benefits and risks)

can bearded dragons eat rice

bearded dragons cannot eat rice despite the great nutritional value in rice and it contains many vitamins and minerals that can benefit the bearded dragon, but the bearded dragon cannot eat rice or any kind of grain for several reasons

1- The bearded dragon cannot digest any kind of grain such as rice, so these grains will cause many health problems for the bearded dragon, such as indigestion, for example, or constipation

2- Even if you cook these grains, the bearded figs will not be able to digest them well, so it is better not to serve rice to the bearded dragon and replace it with any kind of vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals that the bearded dragon needs

is rice good for bearded dragons

For humans, rice is not harmful at all. It is considered the favorite food of many people around the world, but for the bearded dragon, it is very harmful and may cause many health problems that may make the bearded dragon sick, so you must be careful and do not give rice or any other kind of grain For the bearded dragon because it will hurt him a lot


I advise you to give the bearded dragon food that contains high nutritional value, such as vegetables, and the main meal for the bearded dragon should consist largely of vegetables, and you must offer it vegetables that benefit and not harm it. Of the vegetables also, the bearded dragon can eat the fruit, but in a very small amount, because the fruit may cause the bearded dragon to have diarrhea due to the high sugar content in the fruit, so be careful

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