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can chickens eat mealworms ?(benefits and risks)


can chickens eat mealworms (benefits and risks)


can chickens eat mealworms ?


Chickens cannot eat mealworms, although they are a good source of proteins, minerals and vitamins, but chicks will not be able to eat them, because chicks do not need to eat such foods that contain meat, but rather, it is preferable to provide them with vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals


Also, meal worms may cause the chicks a lot of health problems. If the meal worms are alive, the chick will not be able to eat them, but you will find that the chick will play with the worm until it is torn


Also, I do not advise you to provide such foods to the chickens, because as we all know, the chickens need to eat vegetables mainly. The main meal for the chickens should consist of vegetables. Also, you should give the chickens vegetables that contain a high percentage of vitamins and minerals such as Roman lettuce, celery and such vegetables.


Also, I do not advise you to give the chicks any food that contains meat or dairy, such as cheese, because these foods may cause the chicks many health problems such as diarrhea and obesity.

Most of us raise chickens in order to benefit from their meat when he slaughters them, but foods that contain meat or dairy will make the chickens full of a large amount of fat.


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