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can guinea pigs eat peaches ? (benefits and risks)


can guinea pigs eat peaches ? many guinea pig breeders ask whether or not a guinea pig can eat peaches, is it good or harmful, so I did this article to answer all these questions.

can guinea pigs eat peaches?

Yes guinea pigs can eat peaches in moderation, as it contains a high nutritional value and contains many vitamins and proteins that the guinea pig needs, such as vitamin C, which the guinea pig needs badly because it cannot produce it naturally. It also contains vitamin K and A, calcium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium, but also contains Peaches are high in sugars that may cause diarrhea and obesity for the guinea pig, so you should give peaches to your guinea pig in moderation and in a small amount, as once a week is sufficient.

You must be careful when you give your guinea pig any kind of fruit, due to the high sugar content, which may cause the guinea pig to have diarrhea. Therefore, I advise you to always give him the fruit in a very small amount, and it is preferable that he not eat the fruit every day. You can give it to him every two days. That is better, he should also eat Fruit in a diet with vegetables, fruit should not be the main meal of the guinea pig

Are peaches safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, peaches are safe and good for the guinea pig, as they contain many vitamins that benefit the guinea pig, as it is a good source of vitamin C, K and A, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. Peaches are also an antioxidant and helps eliminate many types of cancer as well, although it contains a high percentage of Polysaccharides, but it contains a low percentage of fats, also does not contain oxalates, which prevent calcium absorption, which may cause bladder stones for a guinea pig 


Remember that peaches may harm your guinea pig if you eat it more than once a week, so be careful

Nutritional value per 100 g 

Energy 165 kJ (39 kcal)
Carbohydrates9.54 g
Sugars 8.39 g
Fat 0.25 g
Protein0.91 g
Vitamin C 8%6.6 mg
Vitamin E 5%0.73 mg
Vitamin K 2%2.6 μg
Calcium 1%6 mg
Iron 2%0.25 mg
Magnesium 3%9 mg
Manganese 3%0.061 mg
Phosphorus 3%20 mg
Potassium 4%190 mg
Sodium 0%0 mg
Zinc 2%0.17 mg
Water 89 g
A guinea pig can eat peaches, but in a small amount and only once a week, because peaches contain a high proportion of sugars that may cause the guinea pig to have diarrhea, but also peaches contain many of the vitamins that the guinea pig needs


WHAT CAN Guinea Pigs Eat

Guinea pig loves to eat vegetables in general, so the guinea pig’s diet should consist every day of vegetables with a small piece of fruit, but do not give him much fruit because it contains a high percentage of sugars that may cause him diarrhea and obesity, there are some vegetables that a pig cannot A guinea pig should eat it, which is a vegetable that contains a high percentage of oxalate because it may cause a guinea pig to have bladder stones
vegetables that you can give to your guinea pig


  1. Roman lettuce: Roman lettuce is one of the best vegetables that you can offer your guinea pig, but only Roman lettuce and not any other type of lettuce such as ice lettuce because it contains a high percentage of water that may cause your guinea pig to swell
  2. Celery: Celery is also very good, but don’t have a lot of it because your guinea pig may not like the taste, but celery is very good for your guinea pig.
  3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are good, but it is preferable to give them tomatoes that contain a low percentage of salts
  4. Cucumber: Cucumbers are also a good choice for your guinea pig due to their high nutritional value
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