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can hamsters eat avocados ? (benefits and risks)


can hamsters eat avocados ? Avocados contain high nutritional value such as vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium, but is it good or bad for your hamster

can hamsters eat avocados ?

No hamsters cannot eat avocados because avocados contain a chemical substance called persin, which is very harmful and may cause hamsters a lot of health problems. Also, avocados contain a high percentage of sugars and fats that may cause hamsters to have diarrhea and obesity, so I recommend that you never give avocados to hamsters

avocado contains many vitamins and minerals that benefit hamsters, such as vitamin C, which hamsters need and cannot produce naturally. Also, it contains a serious percentage of calcium that helps in strengthening bones and contains vitamin K, A, iron, magnesium and phosphorous, but also contains a substance Persin, which may cause hamsters to have many health problems and also contains a high percentage of sugars and fats that may cause hamsters to have diarrhea and obesity, so I advise you not to give avocados to hamsters.


Can dwarf hamster have avocado?

No, and it may cause death to dwarf hamsters instantly because of the pricin. This substance is not good at all for large hamsters, let alone for dwarf hamsters.

Also, the percentage of sugars is another factor that may harm dwarf hamsters and may cause them to have diarrhea and obesity, so be careful and do not give avocados to dwarf hamsters.

Can hamsters Eat Avocado Leaves?


No, I do not recommend that you give avocado leaves to hamsters because they also contain persin and may be toxic and also taste not good. Avocado seeds are very bad and may cause hamsters to choke, so I do not advise you to give avocado leaves or seeds to the hamster.


can hamsters eat avocado skins?

Avocado skin is also very harmful to hamsters and may cause many health problems
Avocado peel contains very small thorns on the outside. These thorns may cause pain for hamsters while eating
Also, the peel does not contain any nutritional value, vitamins or minerals that can benefit the hamster, so it will not be a good choice for the hamster.
Another thing is the avocado peel tastes very bitter and not intoxicating, so hamsters will not enjoy eating it

can hamsters eat avocado seeds

Another thing that hamsters cannot eat is avocado seeds because they do not contain any vitamins, minerals or proteins that can benefit the hamster.
Sometimes the avocado seed is large, so it may cause suffocation for hamsters


Is avocado toxic to hamsters?

Unfortunately, yes, avocado is poisonous and very harmful to hamsters. It may kill the hamster instantly, so I advise you to completely stay away from giving avocado to hamsters.

is Avocado bad for hamsters

Yes, it is very harmful, it is considered a toxic fruit, because avocado contains a toxic chemical called persin, which is very harmful and causes many health problems for the hamster, such as digestive problems such as difficulty in digestion and diarrhea, and also avocado contains a high percentage of fiber, fats and sugars that may Cause your hamster obesity and diarrhea, so it is best not to give avocados to your hamster


risks of feeding avocado to hamsters

Diarrhea: Avocados may cause diarrhea to hamsters due to the large amount of oils that avocados contain
Obesity: As we all know that avocados contain a very large percentage of sugars, which are also very harmful for hamsters and may cause them to become obese.
Those who keep chicks for their meat will never like that
Death: Because of the pricin found in avocados, it may cause the hamsters to die instantly because the pricin is a toxic and deadly substance.
Don’t worry it is harmless to humans but to hamsters it is very harmful


Avocado Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100 g
  1. Energy 670 kJ (160 kcal)
  2. Carbohydrates 8.53 g
  3. Sugars 0.66 g
  4. Fat 14.66 g
  5. Protein 2 g
  6. Vitamin C 10 mg
  7. Vitamin E 2.07 mg
  8. Vitamin K 21 μg
  9. Calcium 12 mg
  10. Iron  0.55 mg
  11. Magnesium 29 mg
  12. Manganese 0.142 mg
  13. Phosphorus 52 mg
  14. Potassium 485 mg
  15. Sodium 7 mg
  16. Zinc        0.64 mg
  17. Water 73.23 g
Hamsters cannot eat avocados because they contain a harmful chemical called breccia and also contain a high percentage of fats and sugars that may cause hamsters to have diarrhea and obesity, so I advise you not to offer avocados to hamsters

correct diet for hamsters

Hamsters need food daily and the diet should be mainly on vegetables with a very small piece of fruit, but I recommend that you do not give him fruit every day only every two days because the fruit contains a high percentage of sugars that may cause him diarrhea and obesity, also you should give the hamster Food that contains a high percentage of vitamin C because it cannot produce vitamin C naturally, so it needs an external source as well. Food must contain a good percentage of calcium to build and strengthen hamster bones. Also, food should not contain oxalates because it prevents calcium absorption, which may cause bladder stones.


The following foods are safe for your hamster to eat
  1. Lettuce (we recommend)
  2. bananas
  3. carrots
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Grapes
  6. Cucumber
  7. apple
  8. Strawberries

Hamsters are one of the best pets that you can raise in your home, as hamsters do not need much experience in order to raise also they do not need much space in the house also they can eat vegetables and fruits, but there are some vegetables and fruits that may be harmful to him

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