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Can Hamsters Eat Pickles ? (risks)

Can Hamsters Eat Pickles

Can Hamsters Eat Pickles?

Hamsters cannot eat pickles, because of the high salt content in pickles, which may cause hamsters many health problems such a diarrhea and digestive problems such as indigestion. Therefore, I do not advise you to give pickles to hamsters, even in a small amount, because pickles are very harmful to hamsters and may cause them Death, so be careful and never give pickles to hamsters

Pickles are one of the worst foods that you can give a hamster, and hamsters will never like to eat pickles because it doesn’t taste good.

 are Pickles bad for Hamsters 



Yes, pickles are very harmful to hamsters, and as I mentioned, it may cause hamsters death due to the percentage of salt and high acidity found in pickles. Pickles also do not contain any vitamins or minerals that can benefit hamsters. Pickles do not contain calcium, iron, magnesium, or vitamin C, K and A, so no I advise you to never give pickles to hamsters

can dwarf hamsters eat pickles

of course No , and never try that, because pickles will cause him to die instantly, so be careful and do not give him pickles and give him vegetables that contain a high percentage of calcium, iron and vitamins such as vitamin K and A


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